About us

Relay Testing
Digital Fault Recorder, PMU
Configuration, Retrieving graphs and fault analysis required to improve the Stability of the Power System
Switchyard Maintenance, Testing and Commissioning
Busbar, Current Transformer, Voltage Transformer, Power Transformer, Circuit Breaker Maintenance and Commissioning
Fault Attending and Troubleshooting
Tender consulting

Who are we?

Our Group combines the talents of a highly experienced group of engineers and technicians with the hands-on involvement in Designing, Testing and Commissioning. This provides the company with the flexibility to tackle any project from feasibility study through final commissioning and to introduce new technology, without compromising quality or reliability.

Why choose us?

We Love Engineering!

For over 20 years in Transmission and Distribution with various industries there’s always something new to solve.

A lot of the engineering systems are about knowing how they operate, knowing their limits and designing to extreme reliability is what brings out the beauty in them.
With decades of technical engineering experience, we offer:

  • Selection of Meters
  • Selection and Design Busbar, Current Transformer, Voltage Transformer, Power Transformer and Generators.
  • Erection of Control and Relay Panels.
  • Testing and Commissioning of Protection Relays(ABB, Alstom (GE), NR, Siemens, Schneider etc.)
  • Testing and Commissioning of Digital Fault Recorder, PMU (ABB, ERL, GE, Siemens etc.) 
  • Over Current/ EF Relay Co-ordination
  • Protection Relay setting Calculation


To provide engineering solutions for protecting Utilities/industries from Electrical Breakdown and Outages to make people feel safe, secure and valued.


To be a diverse engineering service company that will grow to be the most respected in the industry and society.